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Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Balancing the crooks

Via the Britblog Roundup I found this post from Too Much To Say For Myself regarding the limitations of rape alarms:

"No, what I am suggesting is that while a rape alarm may make a woman feel safer, it won’t in fact actually make her any safer"

All too true, the normal reaction to hearing an alarm these days is "What twat set their alarm off?" and that's if anyone heard it in the first place. So what to do?

"it might be an idea to concentrate instead on trying to find ways to stop men from raping.

Because, and I realise this might sound obvious to some, if men didn’t rape then there’d be no need for rape alarms. Simple as that."

Which is perfectly true but only in the same way that if nobody committed crimes we wouldn't need prisons. However, just as there is no way to educate every pikey little toerag into not breaking windows after his quart of loopy juice there will always be some who want to commit rape. There is one possibility though. Given that rape is only possible because of the imbalance in strength between the parties, you need something to get rid of that advantage. I suggest one of these:

Here you have a tool that does redress the power imbalance and will therefore actually work but I doubt that this solution will find favour. This country is very much anti gun ownership and although I used to be as well I now cannot agree with the prohibitionist arguments. If everyone had the same ability to attack and defend then there would be no need for a leveler but they don't. Banning guns just means that instead of everyone being able to defend themselves, only those who happen to be stronger than their attacker are able to do so.

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Anonymous said...

I would suggest it's more that the government, has a fear of it's own people being armed. Than the country against arms!