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Tuesday, 17 February 2009

A policeman's lot is now a happy one

For many years policemen have been in hiding. Terrified beyond reason that somewhere, someone is holding a camera and may take their picture which will inevitably lead to their grisly demise.

You see, before going out on the beat all prospective policemen are taken to the UberUltraSuperSecret Temple of Mild Discombobulation where their souls are removed and stored in canopic jars with a single pickle to maintain their "soul integrity". The extraordinary effect of this fantastic procedure is to leave the policeman invunerable to terrorists, (all that body armor is just to disguise their glorious power).

However, like the fleet footed man killer Achilles, the policeman's protection is not without flaw. Should some EVIL TERRORIST gain a picture of a policeman (Link is NSFW and not in a fun way either), the protective spell is broken and the poor policeman shall surely die!!!!

Now this new law preventing TEH EVIL ONESES taking pictures will mean no policeman has to fear the loss of his soul protection and will be able to win THE WAR ON TERRORISM!, THE WAR ON DRUGS!!, THE WAR ON RUGS!!! and THE WAR ON (insert abstract noun here)!!!!!!

We are now safe, thank you Gordon, thank you Labour, thank you from the deapths of the rotting pit in which you belong.