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Wednesday, 27 December 2006

The good and the bad

I had a moment of "my god, are they actually doing something sane", this was however quickly quashed.

'Traditionalist history teachers complained that the general tone of the guidance was anti-British.
The director of the traditionalist History Curriculum Association, Chris McGovern, said there was little about positive consequences of imperial rule.
"Instead pupils have to work out 'how the British profited from their Indian empire' and 'the relative importance of the various benefits Britain experienced as a result of their Indian empire'."'

Yes, we went in and "profited". This should of course be covered but I would be astonished if there was anything on the other side, the "positive consequences".

They should cover both the good and the bad, the building of infrastructure and the bloody destruction. Extremely partisan history does no favours to either side.

ID cards in Scottish schools

Shock horror: The Greens, (well one of them), say something sensible:

"We should be preparing young people for the reality of defending their privacy and civil liberties against ever-more intrusive government systems," he argued.
"We've heard proposals for airport-style scanners and random drug testing in schools, fingerprinting is already in place in some schools. There's a risk of creating environments which feel more like penal institutions than places of learning.
"These ID cards will do absolutely nothing to address the causes of bullying. Instead they will teach the next generation that an ID card culture is 'normal', and that they should have to prove their entitlement to services."

The SSTA's argument seems to be:

There is bullying going on, our current systems fail to stop this, therefore we must make the system more secure by introducing ID cards.

Can you see where this falls down yet? That would be the last bit, instead of improving discipline in the schools, (difficult but the only thing that is going to work in the long term). They just introduce the magical ID card fairy and everything will be alright.

At the moment kids steal each other's cards, if and let's allow them this if at the moment, the damn things work, there will be no point in stealing another's card. Is this going to stop bullying? No, bollocks it will, it just makes the problem that little bit less obvious so that teachers can ignore it some more.

Saturday, 23 December 2006

Agreement in principle

If Sadig al-Magli had offered to have his pubc hair trimmings held as hostage on the agreement being fulfilled that would have been far more effective.

Why the fuck don't people at least go 'there's a bit of a genocide going on over there', how obviously do you have to do it before you get a bit of notice. Poor jajabinksaweeed or whatever the fuck they're called. "I've personally raped over 3,000 men, women and children before impaling their families before their very eyes. Big brother contestants get more publicity, what the fuck is going on."

Carnivore is currently annoyed at the stupidity of the human race, this is unlikely to be resolved soon.

BBC gets the B prize

Guess that move to Manc won't be happening then.

I blame PDF

It's entirely pigdogfucker's fault. I argue with him enough already but it's time to take it public, (available to all but bound to be viewed by a few people so bored that their primary thought is slitting their wrists).

While I have no direct intention of making this a swear blog is almost bound to end up that fucking way. This blog will be about politics, food and the odd item of interest.

Political Views: Libertarian, somewhat right wing, (at least compared to the god damn commie pdf), small state, they can all just fuck off the bastards.

Food Views: There are very few meals that do not require meat, (quality of that meat being paramount), those who eat meat should be able to kill the animals they eat, there are far too fucking few places that can cook a decent blue steak. (The last is likely to beome a recurring theme - I make no apologies in advance and am unlikely to do so later).