Libertarian meat eater, right wing in the sense of conservative with a small c.

Saturday, 23 December 2006

I blame PDF

It's entirely pigdogfucker's fault. I argue with him enough already but it's time to take it public, (available to all but bound to be viewed by a few people so bored that their primary thought is slitting their wrists).

While I have no direct intention of making this a swear blog is almost bound to end up that fucking way. This blog will be about politics, food and the odd item of interest.

Political Views: Libertarian, somewhat right wing, (at least compared to the god damn commie pdf), small state, they can all just fuck off the bastards.

Food Views: There are very few meals that do not require meat, (quality of that meat being paramount), those who eat meat should be able to kill the animals they eat, there are far too fucking few places that can cook a decent blue steak. (The last is likely to beome a recurring theme - I make no apologies in advance and am unlikely to do so later).

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