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Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Wrong way

Once, in an argument with a lefty, I managed to gain a small amount of ground by the process of beating him over the head with something so obviously true that eventually he had to admit it. This took some considerable time as my statement was very controversial.

"The government should have to justify every penny they take from us."

If the above seems so fundamental an axiom on the relationship between people and government that it does not even need to be stated that is because you have never had to deal with the rantings of a socialist. We, (my libertarian fiends), accept that some government is necessary, (and therefore easy to justify), some may be necessary, (possibly justifiable on case by case basis) and then we have the dross, slag and waste, (examples of which can be found in the Grauniad jobs section).

The left wing view is that the government are the people, there can be no conflict in taking money from your wallet because it was never yours in the first place. Everyone should pay and anyone who earns more than average should not object to having their wages brought down to the average through punitive taxation and if they do then they're evil. There is then no need to justify expenditure and we end up with Grauniad jobs.

It's your money and it's time for a smaller government.


CalumCarr said...


Thanks for your comment on my blog re problems getting the appropriate medical treatment. I was interested that you found out later that your GP had contacted the hospital to ay that you were hysterical. How did you find this out?

Again thanks for your support.

Falco said...

Through a friend in the local medical profession who had dinner with the good doctor after he had had a few too many light ales.

I wish you all the best and can only advise that you keep on going and make their lives difficult until you get the treatment required.