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Saturday, 7 March 2009

In defence of the Sloop John B...

...because he is entirely correct and Sunny is as wrong as a wrong-un.

Amnesty International has decided to get involved with domestic violence, its not in their remit but that wouldn't be such a problem if they weren't such split tongued, Janus faced fuckers. Below is my response to Sunny being a fucking idiot:

"I’m satisfied by that response"

and I am not.

Lying about a problem, (and lets split no hairs here, that is what they are doing), is not helpful. Domestic violence is not part of their remit and trying to get a message across is not a good reason for making stuff up.

I suggest the author of the following quotes look for his fellows in the eighth circle:

"Our first point on statistics is that we would urge people to show support for victims of violence against women rather than get into a debate about the niceties of statistics"

So they admit that they lied.

"Interestingly though, once the men began to accept the statistics they were very horrified and had massively underestimated the scale and extent of violence against women."

Astonishing, people didn't initially believe the stats you made up.

"Do we have to dispute the niceties of the stats or can we have a more humane starting point that we reject violence against women and wish it to end."

Despite what you may believe, those arguing over the stats also think violence against women, (or indeed anybody), is a very bad thing. Those disputers believe it is important enough not to lie about it.

"of course stats should not be misused"

Then stop doing so. LIES DO NOT HELP.

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