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Sunday, 26 July 2009

The limitations of argument

I see that Tim Worstall has been having an argie with Richard Murphy, (AKA knobhead), who I have encountered before. The problem is that you can demonstrate arguments to knobhead and even "non ideological by any measure, honestly just showing a fact here" type arguments are met with disbelief, nonsense and sticking his fingers in his ears and going la la la la.

Knobhead cannot be excused for simply being too stupid to grasp ideas, he is a qualified tax accountant and dull as that job may be, it does require a working brain to qualify. He just doesn't want to hear anything that challenges his bonkers little worldview and short ofdeath there is no way to get him out of his rut. He's far from the only person to take this route but he is a shining example of the fact that there are some people you just can't reach and it's not a failure to communicate that we're dealing with here, it's a failure of reason. If a person is incapable of responding to a reasoned argument with more than "nasty logic people go away" then there is no point in talking to them.

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