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Monday, 12 January 2009

Kill it, cook it, eat it

It's not all that often that I champion the Beeb but I do think that this is a worthwhile program.

People have managed to disassociate meat from the animals that they get them from. While I hate to state the unbloodybelievably obvious, animals have to die for you to eat meat.

A few months ago I went rabbit hunting with an item similar to this uniquely ill suited equipment:

The result was this:

I shot it just behind the skull, killing it instantly but I wrung its neck to make sure that it was not suffering. In all honesty, shooting it was barely a conscious decision, I saw it run and before I was even aware of what was happening, I had killed it.

I was sad that I had ended it's life, however, I don't regret my actions because it became food and damn tasty it was to.

I suspect that despite the protestations of modern man, (let alone woman), we retain an instinctive ability to kill for food. Whether we like it or not, we are very successful predators and that propensity is not going to disappear overnight.

As for any deeper point; appreciate meat, it's harder than you might think to hunt the little buggers down and vegetarians are, as we always suspected, lacking in many ways.


John B said...

It's = it is

But yes, agreed on meat.

Falco said...

Bugger, was a wee bit drununken and ill when I wrote this. Will correct.

Angry Steve said...

Damn, just as I was thinking about a blog post about this...

Anyway, I was not amused by the various tofu munching hand wringers who burst in to tears at various points through the series though.

That said, it's always entertaining when the yoghurt knitters are told they are natural shots.

Falco said...

I have more respect for the tofu munchers than those who have never considered where meat comes from, (never piss off a good shot).