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Wednesday, 7 May 2008

God how stupid can you get?

Jacqui "I'm severely retarded" Smith going to push for cannabis to be reclassified as a class B drug against the advice of the commission set up by the OEGK to look into the matter.

I'm lost for non sweary words. I hope she catches a disease that only cannabis can ease the pain from.

There is no sense behind this move, cannabis is essentially harmless, (when was the last time there was an overdose or insane stoned maniac on the loose?). Just a piss poor, cheap, tawdry and pathetic trick to please the gallery of authoritarian bastards.

There are two possible effects from this; everyone will be so stoned that they wont bother to vote next time or the house of commons will be surrounded by a baying mob that burns so many bales of dope that the legislature is stoned for the next 10 months.

If the latter then there is some hope that they will do less stupid things, (don't hold your breath).

UPDATE: Yet another example of the jobbernowled bescumbers at the Hate Mail.

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Vindico said...

Damn right. 'J' as I call her fell out a very tall stupid tree and hit every supid branch on the way down, before being beaten with a stupid stick repeatedly.