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Friday, 9 May 2008

Oh I Art More Authoritarian Than Thou!

In recent days we have seen Boris banning alcohol on the tube and now the government wants to ban alcohol on all public transport.

It really is a mutual spiral of fuckwittery lead authoritarianism. The thing is that if you accept the principle behind the no drinking on the tube idea then how can you object to this:

No Muslims on the tube.

Boris today explained that while he accepted that most Muslims were no trouble on the tube at all, those few who were caused such serious trouble, (far more than any drunk), that it would be best to "send a message" to crack down on tube explosions.


No Blacks on the tube:

Boris launched his new policy of a "Darkie free tube" today. He explained to the baying mob that just because most blacks were law abiding did not excuse the increased incidence of theft by this ethnic community. The best way to send a strong message on crime was to ban the lot of them. When asked what would be the situation if you had mixed parentage Boris replied, "We are making the tube a safer, better place. So frankly I wouldn't show up if you've got even a bit of a tan."

Do go and have a word with the bunch of bastards commenting on DK's post on this. They seem to have forgotten that bans cannot increase Liberty.


John B said...

Some quality Daily Mail 'analysis' from that piece: "Most significantly, ministers have been forced to take notice of Mr Johnson's victory in the capital last week. It established that banning alcohol on public transport - far from being universally unpopular - could be a vote winner."

Err, no - it showed that a majority of voters in the capital last week hated Labour and Ken more than they hated the Tories and Boris. If that has anything to do with booze on transport, then I'm the Queen of Sheba.

[altho' it's a shame that certain people who were appalled by Boris's booze-on-tube policy didn't vote Ken to keep him out, naming no names...]

Falco said...

As I have said before, in a choice between one bastard and another it's not so much voting for as voting against.

John B said...

Absolutely agreed, but I'd vote for an unprincipled crook over an honest authoritarian any day of the week...

Anyway; since you've been having a go at the bastards I support on "the alternatives are worse" grounds since forever, I feel entitled to utterly twist the knife when one of yours does something witless... ;-)

Falco said...

Fair enough but at least he isn't a crook, (yet).